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The Centre of Oriental Languages and Culture was created in 1997, with the objective of promoting the teaching/learning of Chinese/Japanese language and culture in the University of Minho. The teaching activities include Open Courses both in Chinese and Japanese, with programs of open lectures in popular culture, philosophy, art, history, etc.

In 2004 the Centre of Oriental Languages and Culture launched the first course degree in Oriental Studies, currently reestructured and given by the name of Course Degree in Oriental Languages and Culture.

The Centre has its own library, with more than 3000 books, dictionaries and audio-visual materials for teaching and research. About 1000 of them have been donated by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is also a space for the students to practice calligraphy as an aid to their acquisition of the Chinese characters.

The Centre is strongly attached to other Portuguese and international institution such as the Orient Foundation, the Ricci Institute of Paris, INALCO, the Beijing Language and Culture University, the Tianjin University of Foreign Studies, etc. The staff are active members of the International Association of Teaching Chinese and the European Association of Chinese Studies, through which many opportunities for scientific and academic exchanges are facilited.

E-mail: dea@ilch.uminho.pt

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Departamento de Estudos Asiáticos
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